Due Diligence & Market Analysis

DRUM established the analytical team in 1998 to support our operational & risk management activities.

From the outset, we focused on a holistic approach using a wide range of sophisticated tools to analyse companies, markets and the environment.

This involves the use of reliable-source information, official data, published material, expert opinion and high-level decision makers to ensure that we can identify:

  • how a business really works
  • the nature of any internal & external schemes
  • assets and ownership
  • market mechanisms
  • informal arrangements
  • bureaucratic, cultural and regional issues
  • company & personnel profiling

Our analytical projects have included:

  • “quick & dirty” analysis of individuals and companies for the benefit of law firms
  • plastics industry analysis to identify the PVC / PET manufacturers and users in the CIS region
  • KYC verification “testing” for commodity traders & commodity banks
  • pharmaceuticals grey market and counterfeit investigations
  • alcohol industry distribution, grey market and counterfeit investigations
  • oil & gas exploration, support, upstream & downstream investigations
  • tobacco distribution, grey market and counterfeit investigations



We understand how individuals and businesses operate.