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Market Entry & Market Development

Our key advantage is that we have been working with companies for 12 years, establishing a phased market entry & development approach to provide a transparent, cost effective service.

Each market entry is specific to our Client, their goods or services. We offer a ten-phased approach to the market entry which identifies if there is a market and confirm the entry process, legally certifying and registering the goods with the authorities. We will then manage the logistics, warehousing, acting on behalf of our Client while accepting all risks in order to protect their goods.

 The phased market  entry enables any company to:

  • budget and establish a potential market for their goods / services in Russia
  • identify problems and offer solutions to entering the market
  • select customers and / or distributors
  • legally certify and register the goods, in our CLIENT’s name
  • assist with drafting contracts
  • confirm route to market and distribution
  • insure  goods in Lloyds of London
  • manage the supply, warehousing and logistics chain.
See our 10 Phased Plan


DRUM Risk Management
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To date DRUM has analyzed, managed and fully insured in excess of $3.6 Billion, with a Zero Loss Record.

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