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Insurance specific for each project undertaken by us and underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Stock and Political Risk Insurance

100% protection for physical loss or damage to goods under our management (less any applicable deductible). This includes fire, theft, misappropriation, detrimental acts of Government (by both Federal and Local administrations).  

Liability Cover for Goods under Management

Full indemnity for any action or inaction by us directly attributing to, or causing a physical loss, including negligence, fraud, misconduct, omission, wilful default or breach of contract.  

Professional Indemnity

Protects us against claims for errors and/or omissions in written reports, including damages due to libel or slander, breaches of confidentiality, loss of documents, inaccuracies in stock reports or statements.  

Public Liability

Protects us for damage to third party equipment (including warehouses or other storage facilities) whilst loaned, occupied, utilised by DRUM.

DRUM Risk Management
150 Fenchurch Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7929 2473

To date DRUM has analyzed, managed and fully insured in excess of $3.6 Billion, with a Zero Loss Record.

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